Limestone Polishing

Limestone Polishing in Surrey

Limestone is a highly porous stone and is prone to damages easily. If you are looking to restore your limestone floor, contact Bailey’s Cleaning today. Our five-step limestone restoration process ensures the removal of all scratches and dirt to restore your floor to perfection.

Contact us today for reliable, professional and affordable limestone polishing in Surrey.

100% Safe Limestone Polishing

We understand limestone like the back of our hands. So you can trust us with the job of restoring your limestone flooring without any worry. With years of experience in natural stone cleaning, we assure you of completely safe cleaning and polishing. We use completely safe, chemical free cleaning solutions that preserve the texture and quality of your limestone floor.

Our Process

Step 1 – Pre-cleaning inspection to identify the work required and the limitations
Step 2 – Application of cleaning solution and left for a few minutes to penetrate the limestone
Step 3 – Agitation of the floor using industrial grade rotary machines
Step 4 – Drying of the floor using fast-drying equipment
Step 5 – Sealing of the limestone tiles for lasting effects

Why Choose Us for Limestone Cleaning in Surrey

  • Years of experience
  • Fully trained and highly experienced cleaning crew
  • Exclusive five-step cleaning process ensures thorough cleaning
  • Use of impregnators to extend the durability of your limestone floor
  • High quality cleaning solutions and industrial grade equipment for guaranteed results
  • Affordable, transparent and clear pricing

Contact Us for Professional Limestone Cleaning in Surrey
When you are looking to restore your limestone flooring to its former glory without any worry, contact Bailey’s Cleaning. Call 020 8669 4658 for a free quote.

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