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Leather Cleaning

Leather, unlike other upholstery covers is a high maintenance covering and as such needs to be cared for properly to keep it looking good for longer.

Leather is branded into 3 categories, Pigmented/Protected, Aniline and Nubuck.

Pigment / Protected

This leather is the easiest to maintain and compromises of 85% of all leather sold. In most cases protected leather has one even colour, but some do have mixed colouring. This type of leather needs to be cleaned on a regular basis using a recognised leather cleaning solution. We sell a product called Lazy leather which cleans and protects your leather .It is recommended that you have this type of leather cleaned and protected by a leather technician every 6 months.

If you do not carry out regular cleaning to this type of leather, not only will the dirt stick to the covering, but the leather dehydrates and will cause cracking, which is not only unsightly but more expensive to restore.

If you do not apply a protector you are more likely to get dye transfer from thing like jeans, newspapers, fake tans and any other coloured materials, again this looks unsightly and is more expensive to restore.


This leather is unprotected and is more expensive to buy and more expensive to look after. This can be looked after using our product Lazy leather. Again this type of leather should be cleaned and protected every 6 months, but it is important this is cleaned by a trained technician because if the wrong cleaning solutions are used this can permanently ruin this leather. Again having this leather properly protected it can save dirt being absorbed into the leather, because with this type of leather you cannot get marks out of the leather and only the surface can be cleaned. Sunlight also effects aniline, if it is left in the sunlight it fades and all that can be done is to re-dye the leather, again this should be done by a professional.


This is also an unprotected leather, the difference being the surface has been sanded to produce a knap, it looks like fine suede. This leather cannot be wet cleaned so it is vital that it is protected and vacuumed on a regular basis. We do supply a kit to keep the appearance of your nubuck looking good.

When buying new leather furniture it doesn't matter what category it comes under the most important thing is to have a protector applied. This is inexpensive but can save you lots of money in the long run.

It is also important to know which category your leather comes under, because each category has its own type of cleaning process and solutions. If you use the wrong solution you can ruin your leather.

When you have purchased your leather furniture, contact us at Bailey’s and we can apply the appropriate protector for you and give a report on how to look after your leather or put in place a cleaning schedule for you.

We also offer a restoration service for those unexpected occurrences such as pen marks, cuts, cigarette burns, cat scratches and dye transfer.
Or if you just want a change of colour to your furniture this can also be done.