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Very professional, worked continuously. A joy to have 2 men working in the house who conversed quietly with no unpleasant […]

Ms. J. Quested,  Wallington, Surrey

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutter is not something to be forgotten about and is a crucial preventative maintenance of any property.  Blocked or leaking gutters can cause unnecessary high costs and serious damage to the internal and external of your property from damp walls to damage to your brickwork.

To keep your gutters running as they should, it is recommended that they are cleaned on an annual basis to remove any build up of natural occurring waste products.


Gutter cleaning can be a potentially dangerous and challenging task. Bailey’ Cleaning is experienced in all gutter maintenance, cleaning, repair and replacement for all types of residential and commercial properties and uses the safest and most cost effective equipment to do this.

This service can be carried out, out of hours because we provide our own generator for our equipment. Covering areas in Croydon, Surrey and Greater London we can undertake all your guttering needs safely, cleanly and efficiently.

We are available to talk 24 hours a day and are able to respond to emergency cases in a short period of time where necessary.

For no obligation professional advice or a free assessment and quote telephone Bailey’s Cleaning on 0800 917 6795 or email info@baileyscleaning.co.uk – we would be happy to assist you.